Sunday 11th September Peel, Isle of Man

As we went down for breakfast I heard voices, other people already there,. I muttered to Pat, I hate being sociable before I’ve eaten. Two couples besides us, and our chatty host, all in the same age bracket as us. I had to eat my words along with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. We all had travelled quite a lot and our travels overlapped like Venn diagrams, an area of Maths I found to be an elegant system.

An hour or so later we split up, all going for different walks. Pat and I walked down Sunday-deserted village streets to the beach and set off on the coastal path north. The way was narrow, like sheep tracks, through thick bracken and blackberries, ripening and ready to pick. Ancient Forage food, juicy and refreshing. Some women we met were carrying bags bulging with fruit. We met a man from South Africa with who had applied for a job here and decided to stay. He had a Great Dane,

With clouds gathering we walked back along the road on a footpath barely wide enough for one person and felt the first drops of rain as we reached the edge of the village. Weather changes fast here


Peel castle dates back to Viking times.

3 thoughts on “Sunday 11th September Peel, Isle of Man

  1. Ann Knothe

    Where are you Jenny? Are you going on an organised tour or are you there for a family occasion? Have a wonderful time and take care Ann x

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    1. Thanks for writing back, Lilly. I’m not sure who is reading what I write sometimes! Stephen and Judith especially her, they love them. Judith got to name a young vulture, Jessamine I think. It was lovely to se you today. Love Gran xx


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