Saturday 8th October

I awoke in the night to pitch black, or maybe my eyes were still shut. I needed to pee. I opened my eyes and foundI was looking at the wardrobe, blundered around the wall till I felt the door to the main room. Had a vague notion the bathroom was on my right but it was the kitchen. By now, thoroughly disoriented I had no idea where I was going. Knocked into a chair on the way to a sliver of light coming through the shutters and opened them. Relief, the door I wanted was behind me, open, a welcome dark rectangle. Knocked into the chair on the way.

Morning, we’re in a new apartment and had a laugh at my nocturnal wandering. The long drive and a 10 km walk yesterday was a bit much. We decided to treat ourselves to a restaurant breakfast before finding the Colosseum. Easy. It’s huge! And at the end of our street, large cobblestones all the way, probably the originals from the Colosseum or some other Roman long gone edifice. There was an Event happening in the arena. We could hear the funky music and excited yelling from the announcer trying to whip the audience into a frenzy. Appropriate. We found a vantage point outside the walls to watch. A world championship soccer tournament was in progress. The finalists had to manipulate the ball without their hands like gymnasts at the Olympics. Girls first then boys. Fantastic.

Back to our bed for a nap. Pat had seen a poster advertising a piano recital at a nearby church, we had to go. It was sublime. A duet of classical music, a portly gentleman, white haired and smiling and a slim young woman in glasses, flicking her hair back in between pieces with a serious expression, which didn’t break into a smile until the final bow.

There were perhaps twenty people dotted through the pews, in silent awe at their gift, wanting more but they were generous enough. We floated home.

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