Monday 10th October Bus to Rovinj

Rovinj is set up to appeal. Narrow streets are lined with pastel coloured buildings, shops full of enticing souvenirs or expensive clothing, the kind that don’t have visible price tags. Restaurants and cafes with views of the marina and a fortified cathedral on the highest point. We window shopped and resisted temptation, our bags are full.

The Adriatic is really that colour, quite chilly in October though, no swimming happening.

Met up with Tina, old friend of Pat’s from WA and she showed us around the village of Vodjan where she now lives, close to Pula. Dinner was fishy and delicious in a restaurant overlooking the marina. There are thousands of yachts and motor boats moored along the coastal towns, plenty of wealthy visitors cruising around evidently.

It was our last night in Croatia. On to England to,orrow.

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