Tanzania by Bike: Day 1 Neojobugg Palace Hotel, Arusha

Sunday 9 July 2017


We are a group of twelve. All are younger than us, Ged, 57 and Lei, 56 are relieved. There is a mix of accents as people exchange names and origins. Canada, U.S., Scotland, London, Venezuela/Germany/Au, Australia, N.Z. Most are single, in their thirties and look fit. Our leader, Justaz, appraises the group as he walks in and is pleased we are all talking already. This is a good sign. He chases up our meals, orders more and we eat with our fingers from communal plates (bonding rapidly) while listening to the briefing. Our team is introduced: Karimi, our driver and owner of the mountain bikes, Juma, our cook and Amos, who works for everyone. We are told breakfast is at 7.00 and to have bags on the bus by 8.00.

‘Asante sana’ means ‘Thank you very much’ and ‘Karibu’ means ‘You’re welcome’.


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