Day 3: On the road to Longido

Tuesday 11 July

On the main road towards Kenya, we rode on tarmac, mostly downhill and fast, we were flying! Unfortunately, my knee disagreed and when I got off en route, gave me intense pain. I did get on again but the next time was final. I could not move. I was riding with Adriana and Arman, who went on ahead to get help. Amos was on his way back already. A taxi was organised to take us to the guest house, only about another 2 km away. Bikes went in the boot, one wheel of each draped over the side, no problem.

Our route took us past goat and cow herders keeping their animals off the road. Some had donkeys and we saw others carrying enormous loads – grass or sugar cane, water buckets slung each side, bundles of sticks. Jen and I met two Masai boys, who posed for a photo.

Our guest house is usually a training college for girls. They come for education, to learn job skills and avoid being forced into early marriage. The building is circular with bedrooms around the outside opening onto a central dining room/classroom. Our room is quite cool with twin beds and clean sheets and towels. Again, hot water for showers was heated in large pots on the stove and carried in buckets to the bathrooms. We were delighted to see actual bathrooms. Dinner was delicious, Juma knows exactly how to feed hungry cyclists. Arman went with Justaz to a Dr of sorts and obtained antibiotics and Pat decided to do the same. His cold is affecting his breathing. We waited in the village while the young man jumped on his scooter and zoomed off to the nearest pharmacy in Arusha to buy them. Local price was 2000 shillings, about $1.00. Justaz was emphatic that we pay local price or tourists will be exploited in the future. I went too and Justaz organised a gel like Voltaren for my knee.

My diary notes that Justaz is a great leader, except for making plans and sticking to them, and time and distances. We are adjusting to African time. Organising a lively group is a difficult job.

polé polé means slowly, slowly.   polé means sorry

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