To a wedding in Brisbane, the slow way

Tuesday 2 May 2023  Winton Wetlands, somewhere near Benalla, Vic

The rain started just as I came back into the caravan after cleaning my teeth in the moonlight to the sound of grumpy cockatoos swearing in the treetops. We drove around the huge wetland/lake/swamp after dark, looking for Boggy Bridge Road which led us into a maze of tracks inhabited by hundreds of kangaroos. We stopped eventually in a good enough spot, unable to identify the campsites from the general bush and tracks and set up on 12 volt power and gas. Chicken salad wraps for dinner and a cuppa. Now in our new improved bed, with the best mattress topper and extra soft foam underlay, we are cosy and looking forward to a good night’s sleep, undisturbed by dogs or bulldozers at 7 am. There is no one else in this pristine place. The alternative was a Big 4 in the town of Benalla, which didn’t appeal. A good start to a different kind of road trip, staying off main highways and out of big commercial parks where we can. 

We set off at 1.30 pm, which wasn’t planned but we’re not stressing over time or distance. Our pups have accepted our house sitters as temporary carers, and shamelessly go to them for cuddles and pats. We know they are in good hands, we’re lucky to have found Irina and Radu. 

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