Thursday 4th May

Left at 10.30, a sunny, sharply cold morning. Headed to Narrandera where we might have stopped for coffee but kept going to Ardlethan, a tiny silo town. It is a popular spot for caravaners, the cafe probably is the most successful business in town. There were no other shops open in the only street. One had about ten washing machines in it, with a big Closed sign on the door. Over the street was a beautifully brick-edged little park with modern playground for the kids ( travelling kids presumably) neat lawns with picnic tables under shady trees and a toilet block in an enormous caravan parking lot. I wish I had taken a photo of the cafe. 

We have stopped for the night at West Wyalong. It is an old mining town and has retained a main shopping street of grand old buildings from the 1890’s. We just had to take the time to explore.The Showgrounds are extensive and at present doubling as a caravan park for those who want more space and a less manicured park. Power is on but no internet. We toured the town on our bikes, picking up fluoro vests and batteries for the rear lights. We just have to find helmets now. Left all our bike stuff at home. Apparently the motorbike shop may be able to help us. We are enjoying the trip, relaxing into meandering around in no hurry. Time now to do a moonlight teeth clean, and fill my brand new hot water bottle! 

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